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Connect City gives you every Cable TV, Internet and Home Phone offer available in your area. Our partnership with the top providers you know and trust allows us to provide service plans that fit your service needs and budget.

What is Satellite TV?

Satellite TV is an option vs cable television. It is also referred to as cable satellite. Satellite TV is technically different from cable TV.

How does Satellite TV work?

Satellite TV providers send signals to satellites above the earth, and from there transmits those signals to smaller dishes attached to homes.

Satellite TV receivers convert the signals received into an image, which is similar to how your modem converts incoming signals into internet service. This advanced technology allows satellite TV providers to offer television service nearly anywhere in the U.S.

How are Satellite TV services different from Cable TV?

  • Satellite TV uses a dish to get the TV signal to a customer’s home without the use of cable lines.
  • Satellite service delivers all of the standard cable TV channels to areas where cable does not reach.
  • Satellite TV providers carry a wide variety of international and sports programming.

Top Recommended Satellite TV Providers

DIRECTV provides Satellite TV

Over 185 Channels + Sports Packages

Plans Starting at $39.99/month – Bundled Plans Available

Dish provides Satellite TV and Bundled Internet Packages.

Plans starting at $59.99/month – Bundled Plans Available

Viasat provides Satellite Internet

Plans starting at $70.00/month – Bundled Plans Available

Only pay for services that you want, and none that you don’t.

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