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Our customer service team is here on a daily basis to assist you with your order.

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  • High-speed WiFi settings
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Call: 1-800-440-3820

Some of our providers do not require a contract while others do.
We will do a serviceability check for your address and let you know what options are available.

  • If your service requires a pre-payment, then yes you can pay by credit card.
  • Not all services require a pre-payment.
  • If you are required to make a pre-payment, you may pay by credit card.
  • After install, if you find that you have defective equipment, a service tech will make an appointment with you to come out and replace it.
  • If you do a self install, you will be able to exchange the item at your local retailer store or by mail.

You will be given an install date while you are on the phone with our representative at the end of the order. The timeframe depends on the next available install date. It can be as fast as next day or it may take a week. It depends on how busy your area is with installations.

  • Yes. You can upgrade your service at anytime by calling our customer support team at 1- 800-440-3820.
  • Yes. All service technicians are well trained,  insured and certified.

Yes. If you miss your installation date, call our customer support team and provide your order number. From there, we will be able to set a new install date.

Connect City provides Cable TV, Internet, Home Phone, Mobile Phone, Web Domain, Web Hosting, and Business Connection Services across the US.

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